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Product: Pentium III 1Ghz B & Intel VC820 Motherboard
Company: Intel corp.
Estimated Street Price for the CPU: $990.00 in 1000 unit quantities
Review By: Julien JAY

Final Results and Overall Mark

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: BenchMarks
3: Intel VC820 Motherboard
4: Conclusion

Well we have reached the end of the review. Here are my final comments, notes and grades for the Intel Pentium III 1Ghz B and the Intel VC820 motherboard.



Final Comments

How It Grades
  Pentium III 1Ghz B
Performance: 96%
Price: 65%
Longevity: 90%
Features: 90%
Reliability: 95%
Overall: 90%


All Pentium II or lower Pentium users will clearly have immediate benefits in terms of performance if they switch to a Pentium III 1Ghz B which is the most powerful chip of the world until now. Intel brasses itself to double the CPU frequency in only one year: remember in 1999 the faster CPUs were running at 500Mhz, what a progress they accomplished.  As our tests demonstrated: a Pentium III 1Ghz B is approximately 2.25 times more faster than a PII450. The gain in performance reaches 225% according to the Symantec benchmark results! So it's really time to change your chip in order to have a "kick ass" PC that even surpasses the AMD Athlon performance. However due to the high price of the PIII 1Ghz B and the few ones available around there the best value buying is certainly the Pentium III 800B that also beats the Athlon for the reason explained before. Pentium III users will gain high performances by changing Pentium III 600B to 1Ghz B, approximately 143% in the best cases. But Pentium III first generation users should consider changing their chip for the latest "Coppermine" ones that come with a 133Mhz FSB and 256Kb of full speed cache. However to close this review we think that the Rambus memory is a must have for every one due to its exceptional performance even if it's more than expensive. The i820 chipset has now being mature and will bring reliability to every computer. Finally hard core gamers will experience ultimate performances with the latest Pentium III 1Ghz B CPU from Intel in conjunction with Rambus memory (indeed the 3d board will store data in it) as you can see in our 3d benchmark, so really why wait? Let's go ahead and buy it, right now!


Specs & Package
Overall Score 90%
Version Reviewed Intel Pentium III 1Ghz B & Intel VC820 Motherboard with 256Mb of Kingston Rambus
Release Date Available now from large manufacturers such as Dell & Gateway
In The Box? -CPU & Processor instructions with Pentium III sticker to apply on your PC case
-Motherboard & instructions book with drivers CD, cables, misc parts
The Good Points Fastest CPU of the world,
High longevity that ensures a long term buying,
High performance,
SIMD instructions set & Full Speed cache memory,
Reliable motherboard with top notch Rambus memory,
No compatibility issues with existing hardware or software unlike with AMD CPUs.
The Bad Points A bit pricy
Not easy to find
Reviewers PC Setup See benchmark page
PC Required NA

<-- Intel VC820 Motherboard


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