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Product: Express DV
Company: Pinnacle Systems
Estimated Street Price:
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Pinnacle Express

During the past few years, a significant number of new technologies have appeared in the video domain. From the Mini-DV technology that brought digital video to the masses, to the Micro-DV, DivX and DVD formats the evolution has been very impressive. We can distinguish two different needs addressed by the most recent technologies: better video quality and the ability to link video devices to computers for advanced editing purposes. Today ĎVHSí is almost a souvenir that we will soon forget. With the wild development of the DVD and the emergence of somewhat affordable DVD burners a new race of software appeared; software that let you burn your favorite movies on DVD. There are multiple applications resulting from this concept; from the simple VHS backup to the creation of family DVDs for great occasions like weddings, baptisms, vacations, graduations, etc. Pinnacle has recently released a new product, named Pinnacle Express DV, that includes a basic IEEE1394 capturing card with their brand new Express software that helps users creat DVDs or VCDs. Weíll take an in-depth look at the Pinnacle Express Software in this review.


   The most delicate step in the setup process of the Pinnacle Express DV is the installation of the DV card. After unpacking the Pinnacle Express DV, you can install the IEEE 1394 card into a free PCI slot of your computer. Once youíre done with the physical installation of the card you can remount your PC and start Windows. Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP will natively recognize the Pinnacle Express DV card as an IEEE1394 adapter and thus thereís no need to install any drivers. Next install the Pinnacle Express software; itíll take only a couple of minutes and youíll be prompted to reboot your PC. Then voila, youíre ready to capture and record your movies on DVD!

Ieee 1394 Card

   The Pinnacle Express DV card has nothing spectacular except for its red PCB. Itís just a low cost, standard IEEE 1394 OHCI adapter that supports DV camcorders and VCRs as well as regular IEEE1394 devices like hard disk, scanners, etc. That means once the card is installed in your computer you can connect and use video devices and general purposes firewire devices simultaneously with no problem. The card uses an Agere IEEE1394 chip instead of the usual Texas Instruments chips and hosts two external FireWire connectors plus one internal connector. Pinnacle includes a mini molex connector on the card. That way if you plug it to the power adapter of your PC, energy will be dispatched to devices that might require it through the firewire ports. Itís especially useful for firewire devices like ZIP disks, burners, etc.

Pinnacle Express DV IEEE1394 Card

  Pinnacle Express Software Ľ


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