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Product: WordPerfect Office 2002 Standard
Company: Corel
Estimated Street Price:
Review By: Julien Jay

Corel Central

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: WordPerfect 2002
3: Quattro Pro 10 & Corel Presentations 10

4: CorelCentral 10

   This software is a personal information manager tool that will help any users to manage their appointments, contacts, emails, and more. The major new feature of this release is the inclusion of a new e-mail application dubbed ĎCorelCENTRAL Mailí. The first time you start this email manager, a wizard will guide you to create email accounts and configure the software to best fit your needs. Totally different from Microsoft Outlook, CorelCENTRAL Mail harbors a minimalist but straightforward interface. CorelCENTRAL Mail lets users send and receive e-mail from several accounts at a time while providing a high level of security. Indeed on the first use the software will create an encrypted digital ID that will be used for secure emails without requiring a third party certificate. Each time you launch the software you can choose a different profile. Honestly the software isnít complete enough to match Outlook Express or Outlook: you canít export messages and you canít even import messages from software like Outlook Express or Outlook. 

CorelCentral 10 (click to enlarge)

When you start CorelCENTRAL, a calendar view will appear at the right of your screen. From it you can view your current meetings/appointments and start your address book.

CorelCentral 10 Calendar (click to enlarge)

The address book will automatically import all of your Windows or MAPI address books contacts! So if youíve used before Outlook youíre ready to use CorelCentral and you donít have to recreate a new address book. Best of all, CorelCENTRAL address book can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook. A small reminder will help you to keep your head on your shoulders by reminding the upcoming important appointments.  

You can also write notes with CorelCentral 10. All the notes can be sorted and you can even perform search throughout your existing notes. The calendar is easy to use and display a full view of the upcoming weeks and months. Finally the file maker tool allows you to create cards on things to do, lists and much more. All of this can be easily exported to a Palm Pilot hand held device. All in all, CorelCentral 10 works great but isnít very useful for most users.

ę Quattro Pro 10 & Corel Presentations 10 Conclusion Ľ


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