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Product: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred
Company: Dragon Systems, Inc.
Estimated Street Price: $199.00
Review By: Matthew Sabean

Vocabulary Building

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Dictating and Editing
4: Controlling Your Computer
5: Vocabulary Building
6: Conclusion

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Vocabulary Builder teaches the program about you writing style and vocabulary.  It is an integral part of this program.  Some might call it a fine tuner.  By running Vocabulary Builder, Dragon NaturallySpeaking knows what words you use in your writing, and how you put them together in sentences, therefore letting the program do a much better job of recognizing what you say when you dictate.

In order to run the Vocabulary Builder you will need to complete the following steps:.

  • Prepare Documents - Start by finding documents on your computer that are a good example of the kind of text that you will be dictating when you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  • Add Words From A List - Vocabulary Builder gives you the option of adding a list of words directly to the vocabulary before processing your documents.  Adding words from a list will save you time and give the program a better understanding on how certain words are recognized in your documents.
  • Run Vocabulary Builder - After preparing your documents and creating a list of words, you are now ready to run Vocabulary Builder.


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