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Product: Microsoft Office XP Professional With FrontPage
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: Various
Review By: Byron Hinson & Julien Jay

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Word 2002
3: Excel 2002
4: Outlook 2002
5: FrontPage 2002
6: Access 2002
7: PowerPoint 2002
9: Conclusion

As every application in the suite, Microsoft PowerPoint has evolved! For those of you who don’t already know what is PowerPoint I’ll briefly describe its use here. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation making software that lets you create animated slideshows that can contain multimedia objects like videos, sounds, etc to illustrate for example your corporate profile. This application is widely used in business environments to promote products or to present sales results thanks to its unrivalled powerful but easy to use features:

Microsoft stopped counting how many CDs containing PowerPoint based show have been created in the world. PowerPoint 2002 comes with the famous task panes that are divided three different ways: the slide design task pane, the Animation Scheme & the Custom Animation. The first pane ‘Slide Design’ gives users a quick way to dig into their design options such as colour schemes, animation schemes. Obviously when users select a new scheme it’s automatically previewed in real time.

The Animation Schemes pane answers to a redundant problem of previous PowerPoint versions: it was hard to find all the different animations options! The Animation Schemes task pane now lists all of the animation possibilities and users can get a preview of each animation. Finally the Custom Animation pane contains every powerful animation effects PowerPoint has to offer like the new ‘path animation’ that lets you move objects along a path simultaneously or slide transitions effects. Animation performance has been enhanced and now takes advantage of hardware acceleration if available: this is especially interesting for bitmap rotation & transparency blending.

The major new feature of PowerPoint 2002 is surely the fact you can now print preview your scenes before printing them! This is a true & long awaited relief for those of you who create press books based on an existing PowerPoint show. To reduce the size of PowerPoint shows, Office XP Compress Pictures feature has been added so users can choose to compress images within PowerPoint to save size but not visual quality.

 In terms of presentation designing features, PowerPoint comes with several enhancements like the ability to rotate images, a multiple picture file selector that lets users select several pics to import into slideshows and more! To help you accurately draw in PowerPoint you can choose to enable the visible grid on which you can snap objects to it but you can also display drawing guides on screen. SmartTags is also included in PowerPoint 2002! Like in every other Office XP application it will underline some information in each scene and offer appropriate actions that may correspond to the spotted word: you can send an email, organize a meeting, etc. without leaving PowerPoint.

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