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Product: Publisher 2002
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $129.00
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Advanced Features

Over the years business and home users have expressed the need to create high impact documents such as brochures or flyers using a better suited software than a word processor so they can draw text areas where they want, put a picture specific places , draw a line here or there, create page backgrounds, etc. For this need Microsoft has created  Publisher, a powerful, flexible and affordable desktop publishing software application which debuted in 1991. Personally, I have used this software since 1993 and I know I couldn’t live without it. Indeed Publisher marvellously succeeds in providing users with advanced editing features while remaining so simple and pleasant to use. The software not only enables people to create visually attractive documents but also can help them create an attractive website with a few mouse clicks! The main skill requirements to be a Microsoft Publisher “Expert” are: click, point, drag, drop, resize & move. For many businesses Microsoft Publisher 2002 represents a cheap but very good alternative to the expensive and very complex professional page layout programs like QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker.


Since Microsoft Publisher 2002 is a member of the Microsoft Office XP family, its setup program won’t disrupt you. Once you have typed the too long CD Key you’ll be able to customize the Microsoft Publisher installation by selecting the components or filters you want to install. The installation process is fast, so within five minutes you’ll be ready to use it. As I said, Microsoft Publisher 2002 is part of the Microsoft Office XP family which means the software uses the MSPA technology so you’ll have to activate the software over the Internet (or the phone) so you can use it with no limitations.


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