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Product: Visio 2000 Professional
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $399.00
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Review By: Julien JAY


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Diagrams
4: Misc features
5: Conclusion

Microsoft has recently released its Visio 2000 range of products declined in four different editions: Standard, Technical Edition, Professional, & Enterprise Edition. Visio 2000 has been bought by Microsoft to Visio Corp (an other Seattle based corporation) this year on January 7th for an amount of $1.3 billion: this shows the interest that users and business communities grant to flowcharts software. This product is now a part of the Microsoft Business Tools Division. With this new edition of Visio the focus is to bring the power of clear, visual communication to your everyday work. With more than 3.8 million customers worldwide using Visio is now recognized software to draw in a few mouse clicks diagrams, flow charts, etc. Recent studies shown that Visio 2000 is the second essential software used by customers to accomplish their day to day work after Word. Whether you manage people, projects, or networks, there's an edition of Microsoft Visio® 2000 that will meet your business needs. And all four editions share a set of intelligent diagramming tools and a common graphics engine that help you convey your ideas successfully—no matter what they are. With this new edition you can create a wide variety of drawn documents as follow:

  • Organization charts: Draw a picture of your group's hierarchy

  • Network diagram: Visualize your company's infrastructure

  • Floor Plan: Design a building to your exact specifications

  • WebSite Map: See your site's entire structure automatically

  • And much more such as: presentation graphics, calendars, maps, project management charts, etc.

Features list:

  • Directory services support
  • Windows 2000 ready
  • Microsoft Office 2000 compliant interface
  • Advanced reverse engineering of databases and software projects
  • Complete UML Retro conception & schematization
  • Advanced data flux schematisation
  • More than 18 000 different forms of Visio network equipments
  • Advanced directory schematisation
  • Windows Installer based setup
  • VBA 6.0 programming language includes
  • UML code generation and reporting


After inserting the Microsoft Visio 2000 CD and selecting the install button the MS DAO components will be updated and your computer will be rebooted. After the reboot the nice Windows Installer based setup starts and you’re prompted to choose the kind of setup you desire. Even if the setup uses the Microsoft Windows Installed technology it doesn’t look like the Microsoft Office 2000 one. Once you have choose which components to install, files are being copied and you can go away to drink a coffee as the setup takes a long, long time to complete. When the setup is finally finished you’re prompted to register the software through the Internet Visio website and you can then finish the setup and launch Visio 2000.

Microsoft Visio 2000 Professional Setup (click to enlarge)

Visio Software (comparable Visio software)

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