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Product: Systran Professional Standard
Company: Systran Soft
Estimated Street Price: $195 for the downloadable version
Review By: Julien JAY


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Advanced Features
4: Conclusion

Technology has brought human kind many advantages throughout this last century and one of the major results of these technologies is the fact that the world became a small village where communicating is paramount to survive or to have the feeling to exist. Among this philosophical observation, we can easily note that manís thirst for communication has lead to the growth of innumerable and various exchanges between countries and is able to communicate in one universal language: (most of the time) English. However if English is certainly the most used language all around the world businesses also need to be able to understand and translate messages, business letters, etc. written in various major languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc. into English. Before this would require the services of an interpreter, now everyone can now translate letters from various languages to English using a dedicated translator software. The one weíll review is Systran Professional 3 that allows to translate Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese to English and likewise English to the above languages.


The setup of Systran Professional is a breeze, even if we regret that it doesnít use the brand new Windows Installer technology that will gives it a more user friendly touch. During the installation youíll have to choose what language translation engines you want to install. Please note that all translations pair are bi-directional ones that is to say you can translate Italian to English and English to Italian. Sure as the software is multilingual itíll adapt itself to the current usersí locale: so if youíre French the software commands, etc. will be in French but if youíre Italian all the software will be in Italian. Great feature if the product is used all around the corporate by people that donít speak the same language.

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