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Product: PC-cillin 2000
Company: Trend Micro Devices
Estimated Street Price: $29.95

Review By: Julien JAY


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Advanced features
4: Conclusion

In the antivirus domain there are several software products that claim to be able to protect but only a few are really good programs that are often updated. As everyone knows viruses are a major threat for every computer, from the home to complex corporate networks. Trend Micro Incorporated has recently unleashed a new version of its well-known ‘PC-cillin’ Antivirus program. This review will present you the new features of the software as well as the results of the Virus tests we have ran with it. Here is the feature list of PC-cillin 2000:

  • ActiveUpdate: This new feature reduces download time as it uses an incremental update procedure to download only the changes in the virus definition files

  • First Antivirus Software Certified for Microsoft Windows 2000
    Email virus scanning:
    All your inbox will be monitored to ensure you don’t receive contaminated files.

  • Quarantine: PC-cillin 2000 will safely quarantine files that cannot be cleaned or suspicious files that may contain new, unknown viruses

  • Internet Access Control: PC-cillin 2000 protects your children from browsing offensive and inappropriate web sites by giving your control over which web sites they can visit

  • Download and Browser scanning: PC-cillin 2000 can filter out harmful scripts, Java and ActiveX programs to keep you safe when you surf the Internet

  • Scan Manager: Now you can setup custom scanning tasks that can later be recalled with a click of a button to scan items on your computer

  • Scan Wizard: The Scan Wizard walks you through, step-by-step, the simple process of detecting and eradicating virus from your computer


Installing PC-cillin 2000 is a breeze: after you have entered your serial number a virus scan of your system will be made to ensure that your system is virus free. If so the program will copy its files in a few minutes and you’ll have to choose whether or not you want to enable Internet protection for your email inboxes, web filter and web security. At the end of the setup you’ll be prompted to create a floppy disk rescue set to boot your computer safely if you inopportunely catch a virus in order to eradicate it. Once the setup is finished users can register the software on the Internet using the efficient registration wizard that is provided and that’ll ask you your name to send Trend your program serial number and program version along with your email address in order to have full access to viruses updates. Then virus updates will be retrieved and your virus pattern files will be up to date to fight the latest known viruses.


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