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Product: Links 2001
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $54.95
Review By:
Julien Jay



Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Game Test
3: Conclusion

    Microsoft has always had in its software catalogue a golf simulation game known to be massively used by Bill Gates himself. In 1999, Microsoft bought Access Software, in order to offer their customer a brand new rethought golf simulation game so the usual home made Microsoft Golf was buried and replaced by Links. Microsoft presents this brand new version of Links, as the most comprehensive upgrade to the series since Links: The Challenge of Golf was introduced about 10 years ago. If Links 2000 wasn’t really a hit nor a revolutionary game, Links 2001 is has been totally revisited by the Microsoft development team bringing tons of enhancements especially to the graphic engine that is now the most realistic you can find out on the market.

Links 2001 benefits:

The Upgrade You've Been Waiting For - This is the version the Links installed base has been asking for since 1998. New features like an all-new game engine, the Arnold Palmer Course Designer, and new tour players and courses make Links 2001 the most anticipated golf title in years.

Re-create your home course with the new Arnold Palmer Course Designer - More than a toy for entry-level builders, the APCD provides users with the power and versatility to accurately re-create their home course in a powerful real-time 3-D system. Players can tweak every inch of fairway with the APCD and create tunnels and arches with full control over each point on the course. The APCD is the same tool used by the Links 2001 course design team.

Faster, Easier Online Play - Play simultaneously online and watch other players' shots as they happen. Compete against other Links golfers in online tournaments. Or play on - play just for fun against your friends online through the Links Tour and






If your hard disk has just a few megabytes left forget about installing Links 2001! Indeed the game fits on –just- 4 CDs and at least 2 of the CDs should be copied on your hard disk (1150MB are required for the full install). The setup interface is user friendly as usual with Microsoft games. During the long copy process several billboards are displayed so you learn about all the new Links 2001 features. Once the install is done a shortcut to the game is created on your desktop and you’re invited to register your copy of the software to enjoy registered users’ advantages. Notice that on the first launch of the game 3D acceleration will be disabled in order to avoid problems so you'll have to turn it on and restart the game to experience breath taking graphics.




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