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Product: Soft DVD Max 4.0
Company: MGI Software Inc.
Estimated Street Price: $39.99
Review By:
Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Conclusion

    With the spread of DVD (thatíll soon bury our old VHS tapes) and the unprecedented expansion of multimedia computer sales, most users now have a computer that can read DVD movies. If the need to have a MPEG 2 decoder is now useless thanks to the powerful computers, you still need good DVD player software to watch your favourite movies. MGI, the well-known Canadian software manufacturer specialized in video mounting and photo touchup software has recently released the first boxed version of its OEM DVD player software called SoftDVD Max. A funny thing to notice is that the software box cover art really reminds the Matrix film, so be aware to not confuse the software box with a film! Comparing to its competitors this software has two enormous advantages: first itís the cheapest one you can find and secondly it comes with a headphone to enjoy the brand new included Dolby digital headphone sound. The obvious interest of playing DVD through a computer (obviously equipped with a DVD-Rom drive) with such software is to not spend your money in an expensive living roomís DVD installation. Is this software interesting and worth your money? Itís what weíll see in this review.


    Installing SoftDVD Max 4.0 is a breeze and after files are copied on your computer youíre prompted to register your software in order to get advantages of free updates, rebates and other promotions on MGI software. Once you have successfully registered your software you have to reboot your computer so you can launch the software. Now well the hardest task is to find the DVD you want to watch but anyway this should be feasible.





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