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Product: Windows® 2000 Professional Operating System
Company: Microsoft Corporation
List Price: $319.00 
Review By: Julien Jay

Laptop Support 

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: System Requirements
3: Pricing & Upgrades
4: Setup
5: Graphic User Interface
6: Hardware Features
7: File System
8: Dual Boot
9: Security & RAS
10: Laptop Support
11: Software & Gaming
12: Imaging Devices
13: Applets
14: Accessibility & MMC
15: Printers & Networking
16: Updates & Languages
17: Conclusion
18: Resources

Windows NT 4 didn’t manage laptop computers correctly and efficiently.  The new Microsoft Windows 2000 operating support does!!!  It supports PCMCIA cards and recognize most of them (except of some MPEG PCMCIA card and some ‘exotic’ modem cards…).  It also displays the state or your batteries. More interesting, all your removable devices such as PCMCIA cards or USB devices are monitored in a small applet that takes place in the tray and you’ll be able to select your removable devices to stop or eject them. Sure the laptop ACPI/APM technology is correctly managed and It’ll help you to save your battery power. Now the operating system also integrates synchronization features for the laptops that have to be connected and disconnected from the network. If you mark one of your files or folders by ‘available offline’ laptop users will keep on its disk a local cache that contains these files. Obviously Windows 2000 supports the infrared technology that will make your desktop a little bit cleaner due to the cordless technology of the compliant IR devices.

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