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Product: Windows® 2000 Professional Operating System
Company: Microsoft Corporation
List Price: $319.00 
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: System Requirements
3: Pricing & Upgrades
4: Setup
5: Graphic User Interface
6: Hardware Features
7: File System
8: Dual Boot
9: Security & RAS
10: Laptop Support
11: Software & Gaming
12: Imaging Devices
13: Applets
14: Accessibility & MMC
15: Printers & Networking
16: Updates & Languages
17: Conclusion
18: Resources

Since the release of Windows 95, Microsoft has done its best to improve the accessibility of computers to disabled people. The new Windows 2000 is to date the only Microsoft operating system that offers great features to help disabled people. It includes a magnifier (to zoom your texts), a visual keyboard (each time you push a key this key appears on the screen, you can also use a virtual keyboard on the screen with just your mouse), a narrator that will read you all the texts that contains a window and finally a wizard to customize the font size of the texts and the colors of the screen to adapt it to the needs of disabled peoples. But unfortunately it’s not cashed back by social services!

 Microsoft Management Console

Behind this name: Microsoft Management Console, every Windows 2000 services in here are customizable. In fact the Microsoft Management Console is a software that integers all the Windows 2000 services such as the fax, exchange server services, COM+ components, security services, defragmenter, backup services, network services, device resources and much more…

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It’s to our mind a kind of pandora’s box (not the MS game!) because it’s really hard to find here the feature or the function you are looking for as everything is mixed up….

You can also see all your system information in details from the Microsoft Management Console… And the defragmenter software (DisKeeper) works from the MMC window.


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