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Product: Windows® 2000 Professional Operating System
Company: Microsoft Corporation
List Price: $319.00 
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: System Requirements
3: Pricing & Upgrades
4: Setup
5: Graphic User Interface
6: Hardware Features
7: File System
8: Dual Boot
9: Security & RAS
10: Laptop Support
11: Software & Gaming
12: Imaging Devices
13: Applets
14: Accessibility & MMC
15: Printers & Networking
16: Updates & Languages
17: Conclusion
18: Resources

If you’re running Windows 95/98/98SE/NT4 simply insert the Windows 2000 CD and click on the install button that instantly appears. Next choose if you want to upgrade your current Windows system to Windows 2000. If you’re running Windows 95/98 we would suggest that you do this on a new partition as you may encounter some application compliance problems. You will have  the option to install the Narrator (a voice engine system that will read you everything that appears on your screen: it’s great for disabled persons). Let's not all forget that much too long CD Key. The setup will copy files and reboot your computer to run the real DOS Setup which in turn will copy all the W2k files on your hard disk.

At the end the computer will reboot once again to configure Windows 2000 and all of its COM components. You’ll have to tweak your brand new OS by specifying your local currency, time zone and your name. Then it’ll reboot once again, (you’ll have to choose which OS to start: thanks to the MS Boot Manager) and finally you will be able to discover your new Windows’ world!

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Please note that if you upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 for example, the setup will check your existing software to ensure that they’re compliant with Windows 2000. If any software is not compliant a report will be shown by the setup (this report can be saved and printed). Also when upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 all of your settings will be saved and automatically imported into Windows 2000. During our tests the upgrade feature of the Windows 2000 setup worked great.

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