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Home : Windows Me : Working With Windows DVD Player


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Windows Me - Tips Section
Working With Windows DVD Player
Posted By: Byron Hinson
Last Updated: September 5th 2003
Tip Difficulty Level: Novice

Microsoft has included a much improved version of their DVD Player in Windows Me. The player is now called "Windows DVD Player" and has improved navigation, speed of loading and better video quality due to improved DVD Direct Media files shipping with Windows Me.

How This Tip Works

Loading Windows DVD Player is simple, despite it being a little annoying that the program is hidden away where most people wouldn't look.

win_dvd_player.jpg (40198 bytes) win_dvd_player2.jpg (35663 bytes) win_dvd_player3.jpg (29027 bytes) capture.JPG (42044 bytes)

  • Go to C:\WINDOWS\DVDPLAY.EXE and you can run the program from there.
  • Navigating through the Windows DVD Player is sometimes confusing for new users. The navigation bar along the bottom of the Windows DVD Player is where you control everything from. There are play, pause, fast-forward and rewind buttons along with the usual next chapter buttons too. There is also a menu button which lets you jump into your DVD title's main menu. Next you have a volume and mute area and an eject DVD button

  • Next row (If you choose to show it) has more advanced options like speed settings, changing the DVD's audio, subtitle and angle settings.

  • The next part is great, you can zoom in and out of DVD titles no matter what ratio the dvd is, I'm sure this will be great for all you porn fans out there. Next is another great button for me, it is called Capture and allows you to take screenshots of all your favorite parts in the movies you watch.

  • The final part is the options, from here you can set passwords, basic changes to the subtitles and screensaver options.


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