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Tip of the day
When entering a URL into Internet Explorer - just write the name of the site and then press CTRL and Return together to add the www. and .com at the end.

Office - Tips Section
Last Updated: September 5th 2003
Tip Difficulty Level: Varied


Office 2000 - General
Custom Clipboard Tips Internet Explorer 5 Installation


Outlook 2000
Sync Folders Creating A Web Calendar
Flagging E-mail Plain Text E-Mail Settings For Certain Contacts


Word 2000
Removing Office 2000 Specific HTML Tags From Pages You Saved As HTML "This Application Requires Windows Installer" Error


Frontpage 98
Cleaning Out FrontPage 98 Temp Files Simply Adding Banner Services Code
Using Arrow Keys With Your Document Adding MetaTags in FrontPage
Opening Links In Sized Windows Can You Tell Me What The Screen Resolutions For Various Other Platforms Are?
How Can I Change Text Hidden In Tags In Multiple Documents At Once? How Do I Get Rid Of Underlines For Links?
What Does The File Extension *.SHTML Mean? How Can I Control In Which A Document Is Displayed From A Link?
Create A Hovering CSS Background Creating Custom Themes
Simple Redirection Bring Users Back With A Button
Create Quick Links Take Your Web With You
Make A Quick Global Change  


Office 97
Get Some Assistance Open Everything At Once
Format Painting Tracking Recent Files
Call Off The Grammar Police Multilingual Spell-Check
Travel Fast Around Documents Adding A Watermark
Add Reminders A Scattering Of Logos
Recycle Your Letters Save Keystrokes
Add Cool Background Music Review Everyone's Changes
Turn Presentations into Websites Save Your Presentation In Older Formats
Add Narration To PowerPoint 97 Create Speaker Notes
Create A Splash Screen Put Art In Your Charts
Find Chart Tips Lay Out Text Smoothly
Conditional Formatting Turn Databases Into Websites
Delay Message Delivery Customize Outlook
Auto Text Buttons Keeping Your Old Office
Replace And Count Another Selective Service
Special Find And Replace Speeding Up Your Access Files
Create Instant Tables Color-code Your Tasks
Add Shadows To Text Drop-Down Forms
Special WordArt Effect FTP 101
Counting The Days Database Damage
Getting Converted Saving Normal.dot


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