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Product: Ohé
Company: Olitec
Estimated Street Price: $220.00
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Design & Features
3: More Features
4: Software
5: Conclusion

    In France we have fine food like moutarde, Roquefort & foie gras, fine places to visit, but best of all, we have a fine modem manufacturer of the world called Olitec. Olitec is a French company that has manufactured modems since 1988. The Olitec’ story is paved of technological innovations never seen before in the modem field. The best example of this outstanding commitment to provide customers with innovative solutions is that Olitec was the first manufacturer of the world to introduce a smart modem that was able to receive and store faxes and phone calls in its memory while your PC was off. USRobotics copied them later by unleashing the Sporster Message Plus, but the copy was definitely not as good as the original. Anyway Olitec today comes with another very exciting product called “Ohé”. This new communication solution is aimed to replace all your phone devices since it combines into one single machine a V90 cordless modem, a smart answer phone that can receive faxes and phone calls while the PC is off, and a cordless digital phone!!! Not only will this device give you freedom since you can use the mobile modem as far as 50 meters from its base thanks to the DECT digital radio technology, but you can use the provided cordless phone to pass your phone calls! This all-in-one solution is a real marvel of technology that’ll definitely save space in your house.


When you unpack the box you’ll discover three parts: the mobile modem, the base, and the cordless phone. The concept of the kit is great: you put the base near a phone plug and then you can position the mobile modem where you want to use your computer without the need to have a phone plug near your computer thanks to the cordless technology. The radio technology entitles you to position the modem as far as 50 meters away from the base including walls, obstacles or 300 meters in open space (where no obstacles can block radio waves). During our tests I positioned the mobile modem 60 meters away from the base (including walls) and it just worked great. Once you’ve installed the base and correctly plugged it to the power, you’ll have to plug the power adapter to the mobile modem unit and connect it to the computer using the serial connexion. Now that your wireless modem is plugged to your computer, start your PC: Windows will automatically detect this new device (thanks to the plug & play) and will ask you to insert the drivers CD. A few seconds later drivers are installed and you’re now done with a ready to use modem!


Olitec Ohé


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