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Product: Celeron 1.8GHz & D845GBV Motherboard
Company: Intel
Estimated Street Price:
Review By: Julien Jay

Final Results And Overall Mark  

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: CPU Architecture
3: CPU Instructions & Design
4: Intel i845G Chipset
5: Intel Extreme Graphics
6: Intel D845GBV Motherboard
7: Onboard Audio
8: Synthetic Benchmarks
9: Games Benchmarks
10: Application Benchmarks
11: Conclusion

Well we have reached the end of the review. Here are my final comments, notes and grades for the Intel Celeron 1.8GHz & Intel D845GBV Motherboard.


Final Comments

How It Grades

Installation: 85%
Performance: 60%
Price/Value: 90%
Overall: 78.3%

D845GBV Motherboard
Installation: 85%
Performance: 80%
Features: 90%
Price/Value: 90%
Overall: 86.25%

Intelís brand new budget CPU is a good performer that brings the latest CPU technology to the masses which is clearly a good thing. Clocked at an attractive very high speed of 1.8 GHz, the latest Celeron delivers solid performance for office computing and serious gaming while being agressively priced. The new Socket 478 format of the Celeron 1.8 GHz has various advantages: end-users will be able to upgrade their computer later with a Pentium 4 processor keeping the same motherboard thus saving costs, while OEM will appreciate the ability to build a wide variety of systems powered by the Celeron 1.8 GHz, thanks to Intelís most recent chipsets flavours. Penalized by a too small L2 cache memory, the Celeron 1.8 GHz is just ahead of the old school Pentium III 1.2 GHz in terms of performance but thankfully beats previous Celeron processors. Intelís Celeron 1.8 GHz outcasts the performance delivered by rivalís AMD Duron processor with synthetic tests like SYSMark 2002.  

Intel D845GBV motherboard is a rock solid platform. Extremely complete and versatile the board achieves outstanding performance. The ICH4 provides support for exciting new technology like USB 2.0, Gigabit ethernet and 7 channels audio. The integrated 3D graphic controller is awesome. Well everything is relative... Sure itís not able to compete with a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 but it wasnít designed for that, at all. Its performance are way better than the old Intel i815e thus a platform built around the i845G graphics controller can really be used to play recent games. It offers stunning graphics thus saving the need of an add-in card for occasional gamers.


Specs & Package
Overall Score 78.3% (CPU)
86.25% (Motherboard)
Version Reviewed Intel Celeron 1.8GHz
Intel D845GBV Motherboard
Release Date Out Now
The Good Points for the Celeron NetBurst & SSE2 Instructions
Fast frequency
Intel's lowest price CPU
The Bad Points for the Celeron Only 128KB of L2 Cache Memory
Built around an old Pentium 4 core
Poor performance
The Good Points for the D845GBV ICH 4.0 providing native support for USB 2.0
Built-in Graphics & Audio
6 PCI Slots
4 USB ports
The Bad Points for the D845GBV Poor 3D graphics performance
No official DDR333 support


ę Applications Benchmarks  


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