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Product: WordPerfect Office 2000 Standard Edition
Company: Corel Corporation
Estimated Street Price: $299.95 Upgrade: $99.00
Review By: Julien Jay

CorelCentral 9

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: WordPerfect 9
3: More WordPerfect 9
4: Quattro Pro 9 
5: Corel Presentations 9
6: Advanced Features
7: Conclusion

This software is a personal information manager tool that will help any users to manage their appointments, contacts, and more. The software was totally revamped for WordPerfect 2000. When you start it an auto-hide calendar view will appear at the right of your screen. Drag your mouse on the right border of the screen and you can view your current meetings/appointments and start your address book.

The address book will automatically import all of your windows or MAPI address books contacts. So youíre ready to use CorelCentral and you donít have to recreate a new address book.

A small reminder (that can start each time Windows starts) will help you to keep your head on your shoulders by reminding you the upcoming important appointments. You can also write notes with CorelCentral 9. All the notes can be sorted and you can even perform search throughout your existing notes. The calendar is easy to use and display a full view of the upcoming weeks and months. Finally the file maker tool allows you to create cards on things to do, lists and much more. All of this can be easily exported to a Palm Pilot hand held device. CorelCentral 9 works great but it wonít be very useful for most users. The fact that it doesnít manage emails reduces to our point of view the interest of the software.

 Trellix 2

Corel has included a HTML editor software named Trellix to its WordPerfect suite. However when you first run the software youíll be surprised by the fact it doesnít use the same GUI as the other WordPerfect Office components (you canít customize toolbars, icons arenít the same). So the WordPerfect suite isnít homogeneous at all. What a pity! But Trellix is simple to use and will help novice users to create websites in a few click and without any prerequisite HMTL skills. The fact that Trellix includes many themes and backgrounds motifs will really help users to create their Ďowní website by using their preferred layout theme. Trellix includes a complete MacroMedia tutor that will help everybody to get started with Trellix. Sure you can create web pages directly by importing a WordPerfect saved document. Trellix can be helpful to design small personal websites but really itís not as powerful as GoLive or FrontPage and the fact that you canít add Java/ActiveX applets or even canít view HTML source from the software will limit its use.

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