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Product: WordPerfect Office 2000 Standard Edition
Company: Corel Corporation
Estimated Street Price: $299.95 Upgrade: $99.00
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: WordPerfect 9
3: More WordPerfect 9
4: Quattro Pro 9 
5: Corel Presentations 9
6: Advanced Features
7: Conclusion

There was a time, years ago, when WordPerfect was the leading and best selling word processing software, worldwide. Even Microsoft wanted to beat its supremacy. Remember the hidden Easter egg of Microsoft Word 2.0, where a monster destructed the WordPerfect icon! Since then times have changed and WordPerfect has encountered a lot of difficulties. It was bought by Novell and re-bought by Corel. Corel is maybe the best thing that happens to WordPerfect - since it brings WordPerfect to Corel’s touch. This new office software suite also comes with the old leading spreadsheet software named Quattro Pro. Quattro Pro was the “jewel software” of Borland that was sold to Corel. Along with some other new features, Corel brings these great applications together in this brand new suite. Is Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 Standard Edition worth the buy? Read and find out!

As always with Corel, the setup of Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 Voice Edition is very complete and can be customized easily. However we regret that the setup is so slow. Simply select in it, the components you want to install. A few minutes later you’re ready to work with this brand new software suite.


WordPerfect 9

  • Create professional-looking documents—including newsletters, reports and brochures—and add graphics, charts and tables easily
  • Control virtually every element in your document using Reveal Codes
  • Take advantage of increased capabilities to produce long documents, such as books and theses
  • Publish the same document to paper, HTML and XML for easy distribution
  • Work with other document formats thanks to enhanced file conversion capabilities
  • Exchange files with Microsoft® Word 97 users with ease

Quattro Pro 9

  • Summarize large amounts of data in a cross-tabulated table using Cross Tab Reports (similar to Excel PivotTable®)
  • Tailor your work environment to look like the one you already know, such as Microsoft® Excel or Lotus® 1-2-3®
  • Publish the same document to paper, electronic media and the Internet
  • Import and export files easily with enhanced Microsoft® Excel 97 conversion capabilities

Corel Presentations 9

  • Create high-quality slide shows and drawings for projects of all types, from proposals to multimedia presentations
  • The Graphics Editor lets you modify various images, including photographs
  • Redesigned Internet Publisher gives you step-by-step instructions on publishing a slide show to the Web
  • Enhanced Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 import/export capabilities allow you to convert files to and from other presentation applications

Corel Central 9

  • Plan your daily schedule, write reminders, organize reference information and manage corporate contacts
  • Get to meetings on time—your appointment reminders can be equipped with sound alarms
  • PalmPilot™ Synchronization lets you synchronize the Calendar, Event and Task Lists, Address Book and Memo applications

Trellix 2

  • Publish your WordPerfect® documents directly to the Web—without knowing HTML
  • Save time with Trellix® by automating many technical and time-consuming steps in updating and reformatting
  • Let the interactive document map introduce you to an easy way to create, modify, navigate and understand the content and structure of documents
  • Webmasters: reduce your workload by delegating content ownership to specific individuals
  • Publish to HTML output work

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

  • Benefit from the familiar Visual Basic programming language, an integrated Rapid Application Development (RAD) Environment and fast runtime performance
  • Use this application customization technology to build customer business solutions by automating and integrating off-the-shelf software applications that host Visual Basic for Applications
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