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Product: WordPerfect Office 2000 Standard Edition
Company: Corel Corporation
Estimated Street Price: $299.95 Upgrade: $99.00
Review By: Julien Jay

Quattro Pro 9

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: WordPerfect 9
3: More WordPerfect 9
4: Quattro Pro 9 
5: Corel Presentations 9
6: Advanced Features
7: Conclusion

Quattro Pro is the spreadsheet software of the WordPerfect 2000 software suite. It was originally created by Borland and sold to Corel. Corel improved this software however Quattro Pro was already great spreadsheet software that was used mainly by business users. Quattro Pro 9 now supports up to 1,000,000 million rows and up to 18,000 columns (but who’ll be brave enough to fill out more than 1 million of rows??). In return the size of the file it produces has never been so small, which is a kind of real progress. In its challenger quality, Quattro Pro can easily imports Lotus 123 and Microsoft Excel 97 spreadsheets files. Quattro Pro 9 now lets users access and retrieve data from any ODBC data source, if there’s a compliant 32-bit ODBC driver installed on the computer. Quattro Pro 9 includes three news Internet features:

  • The “publish to Internet expert” lets users create HTML pages directly from Quattro Pro 9. Users can also convert charts into images, add titles and create advanced headers to better express the numbers on the net. But the whole thing can also be exported in XML.
  • Drag & Drop from Netscape Navigator: you can drag & drop Internet contents directly into a Quattro Pro notebook and create dynamic links to the content directly from Netscape Internet browsers.
  • Web Query tool: the web query tool lets users create and run web queries and import data from the Web, such as currency exchange rates or price lists from corporate internet sites. The queries can also be automatically & manually updated.
  • The brand new PivotTable feature allows users to resume wide data quantities in a single crossed analysis table. This feature is Microsoft Excel 97 PivotTable compliant.

Quattro Pro includes all the features great spreadsheet software should have and more. Simply selecting the cells can quickly create graphs! Then you can change the graph style using a toolbar button. One of the advanced features of Quattro Pro 9 is that you get a real time preview of your graph depending on the kind of graphs (histograms, 3d histograms...) you select. Quattro Pro can contains many sheets in one folder and supports advanced arithmetic expressions/formulas. Due to the Microsoft VBA integration you can design powerful macros that will accomplish complex tasks for you. You can even design your own dialog boxes. The Microsoft VBA language is based on the Microsoft award winning Visual Basic programming language. So it’s almost easy to learn. Even if you can scan pictures directly from a Twain compliant scanner in WordPerfect or Presentations, Quattro Pro doesn’t offer this feature.  Please note that the file format of Quattro Pro 9 is new but it was designed to be fully backward compatible. As Corel Quattro Pro 9 uses the same interface as WordPerfect 9, it’s remarkably reliable and easy to use. It’s great spreadsheet software, but it’ll require a little learning period for those of you who traditionally use Microsoft Excel.

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