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Product: Acrobat 4.05
Company: Adobe
Estimated Street Price: $249
Review By: Julien JAY


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Advanced Features

4: Conclusion

In our todayís highly computerized world sharing documents over the internet or across the corporate can quickly turn to a nightmare. Why youíll ask? Simply because when you create a document youíre not sure the guy youíll send it to, will have the same software than you to open the document or at least compatible software that can display it. For example when you want to send one of your customers an Adobe Illustrator file thereís almost 99% of chances that he canít view it since few people have graphic software. To resolve this huge problem Adobe has introduced yea   rs ago the PDF file format. When you create a file to this format everyone across the world can view it, since Adobe distributes free Acrobat readers over the internet available in several translated languages. Creating a PDF file is the key solution for an e-paper world without any compatibility worries. To create PDF files that can be viewed by anyone you need to purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat. This review will present you the advantages and the new features of Acrobat 4



Installing Adobe Acrobat 4.05 is almost easy. Once youíve inserted the CD you just click install Adobe Acrobat and it starts. Youíre prompted to type your serial number to unlock the setup and you can even customize it choosing the Acrobat components you want to install. In just a few minutes the Acrobat setup is finished and you can start creating your first PDF files.


First Look


The PDF file format has many advantages! If the first one is that a PDF file can be viewed by anyone, itís generally small in size and best of all you can protect it to prevent readers to modify it, print it, copy it, etc. With Adobe Acrobat youíve got total control of your e-paper based communication. So now youíre wondering how to create PDF files, right? Maybe some of you think that Adobe Acrobat is just an advanced word processor or a DTP software that youíll have to use to recreate your documentsÖ Thatís absolutely wrong! Indeed here is the second strong point of Acrobat since you can create PDF files with every content creating software you have installed with the only requirement that it supports the print function. Indeed Adobe Acrobat uses a virtual print driver to convert every kind of documents in a Portable Document File. So you can create a PDF file with Microsoft Publisher as well as with Corel Draw, for example. The print driver of Acrobat allows the software to be highly versatile so it adapts to the way you work and not the opposite. When you convert a document to the PDF file format youíre sure that colors, fonts, layout, are faithfully respected.




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