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30th September 1998

FrontPage 2000 Announcment - CuteFTP 2.6

  • 23:04 GMT - CuteFTP 2.6 final has been released, you can download it from the CuteFTP site now.

29th September 1998

IE Passes Netscape Navigator

  • 13:54 GMT - Internet Explorer passes Navigator. Microsoft Web browser now has market-share lead, says IDC.

28th September 1998

New Site

  • 20:21 GMT - We will be starting a beta of one of our new websites this friday, no matter what state it is in at the time.

27th September 1998

New TweakIt and DirectControl

26th September 1998

New Review - Office SR 2 Withdrawn

  • 23:40 GMT - Added a new Motherboard/Bios update page to the Drivers Section. Check it out.

25th September 1998

New Reviews - Cute FTP Beta

  • 14:17 GMT - We will be posting our review of the new game from Gremlin, Actua Tennis at some point tomorrow.

24th September 1998

New Review

  • 10:45 GMT - Finally started to update the Tips section again.
  • 10:10 GMT - Updated the Links page. We apologize for the weblinks that were accidentally erased.

23rd September 1998

Reviews - Previews

  • 23:28 GMT - STB has released a new BIOS patch for their TNT board, the Velocity 4400.
  • 13:12 GMT - Added a whole bunch of new Desktop Themes...Make sure you check all sections, as there are far too many updates to name here.
  • 12:22 GMT - Moved over some of the older September news to the News Archive.
  • 12:17 GMT - There is a review of the new Creative Blaster TNT over at K6-2 Central.
  • 02:14 GMT - We'll finally get the new reviews up at some point today, had a few problems with one of the programs.

22nd September 1998

Articles - New Drivers

21st September 1998

Site News

  • 15:14 GMT - Started writing up a review of Motocross Madness by Microsoft. It should be ready sometime today.
  • 12:38 GMT - Our affiliate site CoolComputing has posted a review of QSound's iQ.
  • 00:32 GMT - We are now aiming for an early October date for our new upcoming site, which by the way will not be a technical one at all<g>. Our other big project, The Active Network will open early 1999.

20th September 1998

News - Drivers - New Article

  • 13:22 GMT - Added some new modem driver sites to the Modem section.
  • 13:21 GMT - Updated the sideframe navigation. We will soon be redesigning that frame, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to e-mail us.

19th September 1998

News - Windows Lite - New Drivers

  • 23:47 GMT - New Graphic Drivers for the AGP Starfighter by Real 3D added.
  • 10:09 GMT - Added our new affiliate website CoolComputing, excellent reviews and daily news. Make sure you check them out.
  • 09:54 GMT - TechWeb reports that Microsoft may be contemplating releasing a "lite" version of Windows to accommodate the boom of the low-end PC market. The $60 to $90 computer makers have to pay for Windows 98 is disproportionately high compared to the price tag of an inexpensive PC these days.  Analysts feel that the software giant will either port Windows CE for desktop PCs or simply develop Windows "lite".  Read more about it here. [Source - CoolComputing]
  • 00:25 GMT - We have now completed our move to a newer server, things should run a little bit faster for everyone now.

18th September 1998

News Archive

  • 21:13 GMT - There is a new article that takes some time to talk about the new PCI-X bus, this one is up on Techweb.
  • 15:21 GMT - We are currently moving to a new server, there may be short amounts of downtime on the site today.
  • 15:11 GMT - Wow today has been a badddddd day for many reasons<g>. Not much news around at the moment either.
  • 00:45 GMT - Moved over the older September news to the news archive.

17th September 1998

New HyperSnap - New Drivers - Intel Update

  • 12:02 GMT - It seems that Intel has released a new update for Windows98, this download is for the Intel 440GX chipset. [Source - Dean Bradfield - e-mail]
  • 00:42 GMT - A new version of Hyperionics, HyperSnap DX has been released. Version 3.21.00.

16th September 1998

P2 Review - New Driver - Sound Cards

  • 20:33 GMT - Microsoft have announced the following new products. Microsoft® Graphics Studio Greetings 99, Microsoft Graphics Studio Home Publishing 99 and Microsoft Graphics Studio Home Publishing Suite 99.
  • 20:30 GMT - Started to update the Sound Card drivers page, after you asked us to add information on Sound Card Drivers that are installed onto Intel Motherboards.
  • 20:23 GMT - Added the newish MGA-G200 Drivers from Matrox in our Drivers section. [Source - E-Mail]
  • 10:07 GMT - There is a review of the Cambridge Soundworks Microworks speaker system over at avault, check it out.

15th September 1998

Office 97 SR 2 Released - New Driver

  • 21:10 GMT - Apologies for the lack of updates earlier in the day, i finally got a new PC and getting it all set-up has taken most of my day.
  • 21:08 GMT - A new Graphic Driver has been added, this time for a Canopus card.
  • 21:04 GMT - Released a new Games FAQ for the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • 21:03 GMT - Fixed some major mistakes in the Driver pages. Updated the Sound Card Drivers page.

14th September 1998

New DirectControl - Pinball Arcade Preview - WorldCharts

  • 20:38 GMT - New Graphic Driver added - this one is for the STB Velocity 4400.
  • 14:23 GMT - Microsoft has Unveiled PhotoDraw 2000. The new software product combines photo-editing and drawing tools in one application to make it easy for business users to create professional-looking graphics.
  • 12:10 GMT - We will post our preview of Microsoft Pinball Arcade later today.

13th September 1998

New Driver - New Themes

  • 21:47 GMT - Renamed the ActiveSites to The Active Network. (for a reason ;o')
  • 12:56 GMT - We have put a whole load of new desktop themes up. The new ones are in the Music, Celeb and TV areas.
  • 01:25 GMT - Later on today we will have around 20 new themes added to the site.

12th September 1998

Communicator 4.5 PR 2 - New Driver - Win NT 5 Delay? - Win 98 FAQ

  • 20:15 GMT - Added a new affiliate site....this one is The Font Emporium, make sure you visit.
  • 17:35 GMT - The Windows 98 FAQ has been updated with a new revision.
  • 08:45 GMT - Three new articles have been added to the site.
  • 08:19 GMT - For those of you who have ChromEffects (not many i assume) this information is for you. Microsoft have launched the online documentation site for ChromEffects at the SiteBuilders Network. [Source - Kendra, e-mail]
  • 08:15 GMT - We are setting up a special mailing list for people in the "press", so if you run a news site on the internet that deals with drivers, windows news, tech news or if you are just interested in the kind of news we post here, then e-mail us and we will send you an e-mail message each time we get new information on this website that you may be interested in.
  • 02:47 GMT - Microsoft president Steve Ballmer, speaking at a developer's conference in LA, has said that the final version of the Windows NT 5.0 operating system upgrade is likely to be "8 to 12 months away."

11th September 1998

Old News - Server News - New Drivers

  • 13:44 GMT - Microsoft Confidential has been updated, this issue includes the release dates for the Microsoft sound system 80 and the Microsoft Force Feedback Steering wheel.
  • 12:17 GMT - Another new Graphic Driver has been added, this one if from Intel for the Express 3D.
  • 12:08 GMT - The Microsoft FreeStyle Joypad has been released across the US.
  • 12:06 GMT - Make that two new Graphic Drivers added to the website, thanks for all the e-mails.
  • 12:03 GMT - Added another new Graphic Driver, this time from Wicked3d.
  • 11:40 GMT - We would like to apologize for our server downtime over the last couple of days, unfortunately it is out of our hands. It should currently be fixed.
  • 11:39 GMT - Moved over all the older September news to the news archive.

10th September 1998

FreeStyle Preview

  • 14:54 GMT - For those of you who would like to know a little bit more about the Microsoft Freestyle Pro joypad, check out this preview over on Sharky Extreme.

9th September 1998

Driver Section Revamp

  • 23:29 GMT - Microsoft have finally released the beta of their new search engine.
  • 13:20 GMT - Although we missed the original schedule, the new updated drivers section is finally here. Now with a wider range of hardware drivers a company list as well as better support information.

8th September 1998

News Etc - ECTS Info and MS Hardware Views - New Driver

  • 21:41 GMT -  I forgot to mention that the Microsoft Speakers will be priced at £180 in the United Kingdom.
  • 21:16 GMT - Righty - we're all back from the ECTS show here in the UK. So what would you like to know about? Me being a perv and getting my pic taken with the live Lara Croft? My desperate attempts to get my pic taken with the Playboy model Lisa Boyle? No......You want to know about hardware (sigh)

    Right then, first up is some information on what we though of some of the new Microsoft hardware on show. The Microsoft Freestyle pro was excellent - no doubt that this joypad will be an excellent buy this fall, we only got to try it on a few games but the feel and design was superb. We will run a review of the Microsoft FreeStyle Pro when it is fully released at the end of this month, it will retail for £50 or $70 depending where you live.

    Next we have the Microsoft Force Feedback Steering Wheel....Hmmm I will certainly hold back judgement on this until I get a full review version of it, and once i have tried it out on a number of racing games. While it was an excellent steering wheel, the force feedback element seemed poor. The feel of the steering wheel was also very good - but with a price tag of £149 (That's around $300) it will need to do a lot more to prove it's worth to me.

    Finally the Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 - Wonderful, ace and tops. Surround sound via USB etc and there isn't even a need for a soundcard in your PC, as the speakers have one built in, not too sure if CD Audio can be heard without one though, as I couldn't hear any. It has connections for TV's and also for your home stereo systems. To get the most out of the speakers you really do need a USB connection. USB adds a graphic equalizer and Microsoft Surround Sound. It also works fantastically well with DVD videos.

    Oh and last but not least, you'll get my piccy of me and Lara Croft either this weekend, or next week.....i know....you just can't wait for that!!!!

7th September 1998

News Etc

  • 00:55 GMT - We're all off to the ECTS show here in the UK tomorrow, so if we find anything of any value (probably DirectX related information and MS Joystick news) we'll post it when we get back.
  • 00:53 GMT - Updated my homepage (Ok, so it's not news)

6th September 1998

News Etc - IE News

  • 17:27 GMT - Internet Explorer build news has been updated over at ActiveIE, also the Online Chat for ActiveIE users has been updated.
  • 13:20 GMT - There is an article over on TechWeb that talks about a new bus called the PCIX bus. Here is a short snippet from the online article.

    IBM, Compaq, and Hewlett-Packard have created a design for a new high-speed Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus they want Intel to adopt.

    The proposed bus, called PCIX, is reportedly twice as fast as the current interface, which runs at 66 MHz. PCI is the bus that devices such as disk controllers and network cards use to communicate with memory, the CPU, and other devices.

5th September 1998

IE Tips

4th September 1998

Winzip 7 Beta 4 - Critical Update - Outlook 2000 - BT High Speed - New Drivers - New Review

  • 21:13 GMT - Are you interested in joining us here at ActiveWindows? Check out our Job Opportunities page and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.
  • 20:09 GMT - Microsoft has released a fix for Internet Explorer Cross Frame Navigate Vulnerability, if you want to find out more, visit Microsoft's Security website. You can download the fix via Windows Update, it is classed as a Critical Update. [Source - Robert]
  • 10:43 GMT - Here is some news for our UK readers. British Telecom have announced a new service for "faster" internet access, the service will launch on September 15th. For more details about the charges check out BT's website. Now all us UKer's need is Cable. And as always - I'm looking for a sponsor to pay my UK phonebills<g>

2nd September 1998

New Drivers - ChromEffects

  • 23:19 GMT - Just got this little snippet of ChromEffects PC shipping news from CoolInfo.

    Chromeffects software for dressing up Web pages will debut this fall. SAN FRANCISCO--In the fourth quarter PC makers will begin shipping Windows 98 systems that support Chromeffects, a technology that supports complex features in Web pages, Microsoft president Steve Ballmer said at the Seybold conference here on Tuesday.

    Chromeffects uses both HTML and the emerging standard XML to allow developers to build Web pages that include two- and three-dimensional graphics, streaming audio, and streaming video, Ballmer said. Users will need a 300-MHz system with a 4MB graphics card; such systems should be available for less than $1000 by the fourth quarter, he said.

    Using simple XML and scripting, Microsoft multimedia components, and third-party development tools, Chromeffects will allow publishers to jazz up online shopping catalogs, advertisements, and other electronic commerce media, Ballmer told the Seybold crowd. In a demonstration of Chromeffects, a Microsoft engineer showed how the technology can be used to play a video clip on the surface of a 3-D object within a Web page.

    The technology will be available only for Windows 98, and Ballmer fielded tough questions from the audience about whether Chromeffects will tie developers and users to Microsoft's latest desktop operating system. "It's integrated with Windows--that's probably a controversial thing to say. It operates with the PC browser, it's an integrated feature," he said. Microsoft may offer Chromeffects for the Macintosh as an add-in to Internet Explorer 4.0 for the Mac, Ballmer said, but he did not offer any details or a time frame for that product.
    (James Niccolai, IDG News Service)

  • 01:45 GMT - And to start the day, we have another new Graphic Driver added to the list

1st September 1998

Old News - Chrome - Hotmail Bugs - New Drivers

  • 10:50 GMT - Moved over the old August news to the News Archive.
  • 10:42 GMT - Our new site could come out later than expected, we'll have more news before the end of the day.
  • 10:38 GMT - Where is ChromEffects?

    Well here are all the current details. It is only available for the time being to MSDN members (You need to be a member, it costs around $1000, least it did when I joined) who are receiving it on CD, and can download it right now from the MSDN website.

    The runtime will not be released at all to the web, it will only be included on new PC's that reach the minimum specs for Chrome.

    It should appear for level 3 members of the Site Builders network pretty soon. I hope that clears it up and I can now stop getting e-mails about it<g>. Oh and once again, We will not be creating a Chrome website.

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