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Windows NT Tips & Tricks

Welcome to our Windows NT Tips & Tricks library. These hints & tips will enrich your computing with Windows NT. We have tried our best to collect and compile tips giving you only the best tips including undocumented secrets. Help is build up this section to help other fellow Windows users.

If you know more please contact Byron. We will list your tip with your name under it. Always remember to check up in the Microsoft Windows NT Newsgroups for information and help.

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Setup Tips

Windows 95 Plus! Pack Themes under NT 4.0 Change The Default Windows NT Install Path
Dual Boots Creating an NT Repair Disk
NT Won't Boot For Me Weird NT Behavior
Think Before You Convert  


Explorer Tips

Add New Options To The Right Click In Windows NT 4.0 Adding Specific Applications To Your Send-To Folder
Lock Those Files  


Registry Editing Tips

Creating a Logon Warning Message Disabling CD-ROM "autorun" under NT
Automatically Log On a User when NT Boots Increase Your Logon Security
Moving a profile from a workgroup to a domain Does Your CD-Rom Changer Cycle A Lot?


Easter Eggs

Windows NT Easter Eggs 1  


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