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31st October 1998

Internet Explorer 5 Tour - Pulling - Stuff

  • 16:10 GMT - Ok everyone, please stop e-mailing us saying that Beta 2 of IE5 was pulled from the servers ;o) (it hasn't been pulled btw, pulled means taken off, it's actually still there). The server list has been removed yes, this sort of thing happened with IE4 P2 and IE5 B1. Also all the files on the servers are of the same build, and won't change.
  • 16:07 GMT - Looking for a new gamepad to use in Windows? Look no further, check out Warzone's review of the Microsoft FreeStyle Pro.
  • 00:20 GMT - We recommend that no one bothers with the Internet Explorer 5 setup file that they downloaded earlier, at least not at the moment, the official release looks set for Monday, but the servers could open sooner.

30th October 1998

Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2 Released - IE5 Tips - Office 97 SR-2

  • 20:32 GMT - The server list for Internet Explorer 5 has been removed, we'll post here as soon as it is back up...probably with an official announcement.
  • 06:27 GMT - If you would like to read up on what is new click here.
  • 06:17 GMT - Yes - as we have mentioned over the last week or so Internet Explorer 5.0 Beta 2 has now been fully released. Apologies for not mentioning it earlier (thanks for all the mail) it's 6 AM here, so I'm sure you all understand ;o)

29th October 1998

Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2 Almost Released - Demands - Rise of Rome

  • 14:27 GMT - It seems a good day for driver releases. We have updated the Graphic and Sound Card Driver pages. Including the new SoundBlaster Live! Drivers released today.
  • 09:04 GMT - Update on the Internet Explorer 5 release - ALL of the files are actually on the servers, Outlook Express 5 Beta 2 for example.
  • 08:45 GMT - First with the news - Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2 has almost been released - Did we say before the end of the week or what? You can download the setup file from Microsoft - but the actual download locations still need to come-online. I'll be adding the new tips to ActiveIE as soon as i know it's fully out.

    Download the ie5setup.exe now.
  • 00:20 GMT - Microsoft has released a report about the worldwide demands of Windows 98. This fact sheet gives an overview of the demand for the Windows 98 operating system. Check it out if you are really interested about Windows 98's developement.

28th October 1998

News - Katmai

  • 13:25 GMT - Moved over the older October news to the archive.

27th October 1998

New Drivers - New LiteStep - SP1 - Windows 2000

  • 15:20 GMT - Coming to NT 5: Clustering. Beta 3 of Microsoft's NT 5 will include clustering and terminal services support, but no directory synchronization.
  • 12:52 GMT - Windows NT 5.0 is going to be named Windows 2000, thanks to Jimmy who pointed us to the new article over on C|Net. Guess that gives them nearly 2 years to actually get it ready<g>
  • 12:50 GMT - That new version of LiteStep we mentioned earlier has now been released...grap it from the LiteStep website.
  • 00:39 GMT - We have been informed that a new release of LiteStep is due tonight - version B24

26th October 1998

IE5 - Site News - etc

  • 21:21 GMT - Please don't send us URL's to new versions of Internet Explorer 5 that are on the internet, the reason is - 1...it hasn't been released by Microsoft...2...Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 5 hasn't been completed yet.

25th October 1998

Tips - FAQ Update - Winamp 2.04

  • 20:02 GMT - Winamp 2.04 has been released! This release includes an updated Nitrane 1.24 system, better sound quality, improved handling of corrupt MP3 files, a new experimental "Aural Stimulation" mode (Winamp Prefs->I/O->Nitrane Config->General), and numerous bug fixes. Additionally, Winamp 2.04 includes an improved installer and uninstaller, as well as support for zipped skins (skins no longer need to be extracted). [source: Netigen]

    Download Now (520 KB)
  • 17:56 GMT - Our apologies if any of you noticed some pages not existing earlier today, we were switching all our pages to .shtml.
  • 00:25 GMT - Updated some tips due to visitors' comments. Keep your feedback pouring in!

24th October 1998

Win 98 SP 1 - IE5

  • 03:34 GMT - Windows 98 SP 1 has finally gone into testing.

23rd October 1998

New Drivers - Winzip 7.0 SR-1 - New IE Patch

  • 08:39 GMT - We have been really pleased with the amount of visitors that ActiveSci-Fi has been getting over this past week....also remember to check out our newsgroups.
  • 08:35 GMT - Winzip 7.0 SR-1 has been released for Windows 95/98/NT. Just fixes a few bugs as you would expect.

22nd October 1998

MS DSS 80 Review

21st October 1998

Win NT 4.0 SP 4 - Old News - New Internet Explorer Bug

  • 00:39 GMT - Another new Internet Explorer security problem....

    Microsoft today acknowledged a security hole in its Internet Explorer browser that could let a malicious Web site operator penetrate IE's Internet security zones in some instances.

    Read the rest here.
  • 00:10 GMT - Moved over the older October news to the News Archive.

19th October 1998

Reviews - New Drivers

  • 21:05 GMT - We will have a review of the new Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 by the end of the week.
  • 21:02 GMT - As mentioned a few days ago, Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2 will be out to the public within the next 12 days....time to start counting down.

18th October 1998

New Opera

  • 03:05 GMT - Opera Software has released another beta of it's Opera 3.5 browser. Opera 3.5 Beta 10. The most promising new features include full CSS1 support and very-limited CSS2 support.

17th October 1998

ActiveSci-Fi Launches - IE 5 Release

  • 10:26 GMT - Microsoft have patched up the bug that could allow malicious Web site operators a peek at users' files. You can download the patch at Windows Update.
  • 03:06 GMT - We have launched our new site ActiveSci-Fi - make sure you check it out, it's different from our usual websites as it isn't really a technical based one.
  • 03:01 GMT - Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2 is set to be released to the public in the next week or so. Remember where you heard it first.

16th October 1998

CPU Brief - Tips

  • 16:00 GMT - We will be launching our new website ActiveSci-Fi late tonight - if you want to join in with the launch, you can meet us all in #ie5 on EFnet from around 5 PM PST.
  • 10:30 GMT - Added some new tips.

15th October 1998

New Drivers

  • 10:10 GM - Added some new tips.

14th October 1998

McAfee Scanners

  • 01:10 GMT - RealSystem G2 Beta 2 is released. You can download it here.

13th October 1998

New Drivers - Agent 2.0 - IE Bug

  • 21:38 GMT - IE bug opens users' hard drives, Microsoft is moving to patch a browser security hole that could give malicious Web site operators a peek at users' files.
  • 15:30 GMT - After some complaints about the lengthy contact list, we have separate the About Us page with a new Contact page. The new Contact page will give you a list of people to contact depending on what answer you want.
  • 05:33 GMT - All the recent mail failures has made us unable to reply to quite a lot of mails. I (Wayne), have tried to reply to most of them today. And all the tips, you guys submitted will go up in a few days - that's a promise. Also note that our Askus@activewin.com mail account was just up yesterday.
  • 01:29 GMT - Those new DirectX 6.0 Voodoo 2 drivers have now been released, although i certainly cannot notice any increase in speed in Direct 3D games, but i can notice a number of new problems in many other games.

12th October 1998

Damn Site - New Drivers - Betanews

  • 21:41 GMT - Today's earlier problem was certain out of everyone's hands here. We were actually hacked by someone (We won't name names, but we have found the person responsible for it)...obviously this is a very serious offence and we are dealing with it the proper legal way....Thanks to everyone for the e-mail since we have been offline.
  • 19:53 GMT - Our site has been down most of the day so I understand, again I apologise for this, it's out of my (Byron) hands as all I do is design and add news to this site now, not delete whole directories like someone here did <sigh>.
  • 19:45 GMT - Betanews have given themselve a large scale facelift (Much better in my view, if a little slower)

11th October 1998

New Tips

10th October 1998


  • 22:30 GMT - User Profile now available online. Thanks to all who participated.
  • 22:01 GMT - A new version of TweakIE has been released, this one is Shareware, so give it a try. The cost is only $15 and 10% of that goes to Newborns in Need.

9th October 1998

Old News - Drivers

  • 19:50 GMT - Sega, WebTV team-up on set-top. The two firms will create what may be the first TV set-top box that offers high-end online gaming and Net access.

8th October 1998

Office - Tips - IE5 B2

  • 01:02 GMT - Well the Office 97 patch has departed again, so ignore yesterdays link.

7th October 1998

Tips - Newsgroups

  • 13:10 GMT - New ActiveTheme added to our themes section.
  • 12:56 GMT - Sign up for Microsoft Extreme and pick up the beta versions of Office and Frontpage 2000.
  • 03.05 GMT - With our newsgroups up, you can now ask questions, problems and have people help you with them. You may also submit your tips to us through the newsgroups.
  • 03.00 GMT - Our mail accounts are starting to work properly. However, ActiveWindows' mailing list is currently down. But our Internet Confidential newsletter is still up and running.
  • 02.50 GMT - Some new tips added to the Tips Section.

6th October 1998

We're Back! - Winzip 7.0 Final released - Win 98 SP Date

  • 21:11 GMT - Our newsgroups are now back online, you can contact us via them for a faster response.
  • 14:03 GMT - I just noticed over on betanews that you can now download Homesite 4.0 Beta.
  • 14:00 GMT - <moan>Just a note about our tips and Easter eggs, while we are really glad people are enjoying them, some sites are copying them onto their websites word for words, if you are going to do this, please give credit to the correct site.</moan>

• Support for modular Device Bay hardware

• Additional support for modem drivers

• Increased support for USB modems

• Additional support for local area networks

• Security Updates, such as the patch for the Outlook Express email file attachment bug

• WebTV update, which includes support for Gemstar programming guide and new TV tuner chipsets

• Networking enhancements that will enable dial-up connections over ATM networks

  • 01:40 GMT - Because of these delays in getting our websites back up online, we have decided to hold back our release of our new website (that and the fact our large scale search engine isn't complete). We won't make any promises for a release date, but we have high hopes for the weeknd.
  • 01:39 GMT - Oh yes, at last we are back online and on a new, much faster server. We'll be adding updates as soon as possible and would like to apologise for the rather strange and unexpected switch over we made.

3rd October 1998

Mess up

  • 19:18 GMT - Due to a major mess-up regarding our move to a new far faster server. All of our mail accounts are down (So don't mail us), ActiveIE and ActiveGuide are down, and our new site cannot now be launched this weekend....It is genuinely outside of our control.

2nd October 1998

New Newsletter - The New Site

  • 01:18 GMT - We’re proud to announce a new newsletter for ActiveWindows named Internet Confidential. We recommend emailing dennis@webname.com to subscribe as soon as possible as this newsletter will release confidential information on the upcoming Active Network. Email dennis@webname.com to subscribe. You will receive the 1st copy of the newsletter on October 4, 1998.
  • 01:17 GMT - Our new website is very, very close to completion...If it doesn't make it by tomorrow night, It will be up Sunday.

1st October 1998

New Drivers - Tips - WinAmp 2.02

  • 23:43 GMT - Hopefully fixed all the bad links in the tips section (which was nearly all of them after someone accidently uploaded the wrong files)
  • 08.20 GMT - WinAMP 2.02 is out! Check it out on the website. (Source: E-mail)
  • 08.15 GMT - Fixed some minor broken links in the Registry Tips section.

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