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31st July 1998

Site News - Chrome Newsgroup - DX 6 Goes RTM

  • 21:27 GMT - DirectX 6 has been released to manufacturing and will appear on public websites in the next few days.[Source - Microsoft]
  • 08:45 GMT - We have a new website coming up very soon, if there are any websites out there interested in joining us - e-mail us.
  • 08:33 GMT - We should have a few new reviews up before the day is out.

30th July 1998

New Drivers - New Reviews - New Article

  • DirectX 6 will appear on the web sometime tomorrow afternoon.
  • Expect some major new drivers sometime tomorrow.
  • Follow up article based on the Microsoft and Anti-Trust Action article we released earlier in the week.
  • Two new reviews have been added to our reviews section - make sure you check them out.

29th July 1998

XML Notepad Released - OE Patch Flaw

  • Microsoft have released beta 1 of the XML Notepad. As per usual - make sure you check out the release notes, it's a pretty cool program.

28th July 1998

Outlook Express Patch Released - New Articles - Site News

  • We have dropped the main page where you previously had to select what version of the site to use "Frames or No Frames". You know are automatically sent to the framed version of the site (It was by far the most used) but for those of you who would like to use the no-framed version of the site, either click on the "NO FRAMES" button at the top right or click on the "MAXIMIZE FRAME" button (This one is the coolest).

    If you don't like this new method - please e-mail us and we'll see what we can do about it.
  • The Fix for the Outlook Express File Attachment Issue has been released - it is now avaliable on Windows Update.

27th July 1998

New Winzip Released

  • A few new tips have been added. The ones marked with "New" are the latest additions.
  • Go to the Downloads section and you will see we have added a few hundred more downloads.
  • Fixed a few download problems.

26th July 1998

New Drivers - New Article

  • Added a note for the next IRC chat which we'll all be going to.
  • Another new driver has been added to the Graphic Drivers section. We'll start to add a couple of new sections here soon including "Printer" and "Accessories" drivers.

25th July 1998

Site Updates -- UK Virus Problem

  • As you may have noticed - we have started to have advertisements placed over the website, this helps us pay for the server, so if you see an ad that takes your fancy, please click on it. Don't worry about the fact that the ad banner is showing up the same adverts at the moment - it will be like this for about a day or so.
  • For our readers in the UK: The July issue of PC Gamer had a virus on one of it's two CD's. The virus is one of the worst possible (It's the Win95.CIH. virus that tends to be set off on the 26th of the month). For those of you who are worried about the possibility of being infected - go to the following website.
    and download the evaluation version of their software for Windows95/98. It is one of the few Anti-Virus program that can detect it.

24th July 1998

New Driver

  • Not too many updates are about today - things seem to have slowed down over the last couple of days in the world of Windows. Don't worry - we're putting this free time to good use, ActiveIE is getting a big face lift over the next few days.
  • We are still looking for a few Article, Features and Review writers to join us - if you are interested, please e-mail Byron ASAP.

23rd July 1998

New Drivers - New Theme

  • The Guides section has been updated - various new newsgroups have been added.

22nd July 1998

Chrome Site and News - Awards Updated

  • Well, it looks as if Chrome is going to be very good (If you have a 300Mhz PC that is). Microsoft have launched the official ChromeEffects website. The site includes information on what Chrome is, a Chrome White Paper and a number of images.
  • Added another award and a number of comments about our site. We can't add all the comments about our site that you have sent in to this page, unfortunately the awards section is getting rather large.

21st July 1998

New Reviews - Chrome Download Date - FAQ Updated

  • We have added 3 new movie reviews - just scroll down and check them out on the right hand side. Armageddon, Lethal Weapon 4, Small Soldiers.
  • ChromeEffects, which is used to develop CHROME technology will be ready for download for software developers for free on August 17. No news yet on the download size - but as soon as we know, we'll post here.

20th July 1998

Links Updated - Site News

  • Updated the Links area - added a couple of new sites.
  • Remember that the Tech News section is now online - the daily updates will be starting from today onwards.
  • Those on the mailing list will know of a few problems that were brewing yesterday, thankfully they seem to have passed over for the time being.

18th July 1998

Tech News Online - SideFrame Fixed - CSS Fixed For NS4

  • Added the Tech News Section. This section will be updated throughout the day, (No Joke) everyday.
  • Updated the sideframe, fixed the problem with the horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed the CSS file because i forgot about a certain Netscape 4 CSS bug.

17th July 1998

CSS Updated - New Articles - New Drivers

  • The CSS files used over the whole site have been updated thanks to your requests to be able to increase the font-size's if you run in a much higher resolution. If your in Internet Explorer 4/5 - just click on VIEW | FONTS and increase them from there.
  • We have added a couple more articles to the website.
  • Starting at some point over the weekend we will have a news section coming online which will bring you the latest technology news throughout the day.

16th July 1998

Online Chat

  • We will be having an online chat in #activewindows on the efnet IRC channel at 7PM EST today if you would like to join us.

15th July 1998

Netscape 4.5 Released - New Articles and Awards

  • Preview 1 of Netscape 4.5 is out on Netscape's FTP site and no we won't support it, for the simple reason that its a preview release and some of it's html layout is very buggy at the moment.
  • New articles have been added to ActiveWindows.
  • We have updated our awards page to add a few more of the awards we have received over the past 2 weeks or so.

14th July 1998

Dark-Design Stuff - New Tips - Downloads Revamp

  • Just a note that Byron has left Dark-Design and now just works on Design The Future...Ok the plug is now over.
  • We've done a slight revamp of the downloads area - over the coming weeks more and more files will be added. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our downloads area - please e-mail us.
  • Added a new Multimedia tip - showing how to make sure your speakers are set-up properly in Windows 98.

12th July 1998

Looking for your reviews - New Tips - New Articles - Hardware Compatibility List On-Line

  • We have started creating the "Reviews" section where our readers can submit reviews that so many of you wanted. If you are interested in submitting reviews for this new section - here are a few things you'll need to know.

    We need reviews of Software products - both Shareware and Full price ones - perhaps even applications such as "Microsoft Media Player".
    Hardware reviews - such as a 3Dfx or a Basic Graphics card.

    If you are still interested - please e-mail us and we'll get in contact with you asap.
  • There are a couple of new articles online which relate to Multi-Monitors on Windows. Both are outside links.

11th July 1998

New Reviews

  • Microsoft have launched a Windows 98 tips area on Some tips from our site should be starting to appear there too.
  • Various new reviews have been added - including one of the first ever reviews of the game "Heart Of Darkness" 6 years in the making.

10th July 1998

New Drivers Section Online

  • I have added the new Device Drivers section to ActiveWindows. If there are any files that i am missing - remember to e-mail me with all the details.
  • As usual a number of new tips have been added.
  • I'll have some new reviews up later on today - including the Movies "The X-Files" and "Wild Man Blues" along with the game "Heart Of Darkness".

9th July 1998

Drivers Section, Media Player 5 Reminder

  • In the next couple of days i'll be adding the "Drivers" section that so many of you asked for after filling in the questionnaire. It will concentrate mainly on Sound and Graphic card drivers.

8th July 1998

New Tips, New Matrox Drivers etc

  • Updated the Tips section by adding the "New" logo image to show when new tips have been added or updated.

7th July 1998

Questionnaire Update and Windows 98 Service Pack - New News

  • Thanks to the 258 of you who filled in the Questionnaire - we have got a lot of useful information to sort through now - we've already removed the Flash animation you asked for - and added a temporary image in its place until I design something better.
  • Some of you (5 of you<g>)  have asked if we will add support for Netscape 4 - well although we won't make it a priority to add support - if you click on the "Frames" version of the site with Netscape 4, you'll get one error and then a special NS4 frames version of the site - it doesn't have the kind of Dynamic HTML that the IE version does but it does allow you to view the site a little easier than the Non-Frames version.

    If you like this Netscape version of the site - and would like us to make it permanent (In other words get rid of that error when you click on the frames version) then e-mail If you find any problems, apart from the known error with the "Themes" index - you can e-mail me on those also.

6th July 1998


  • Hi all. We have a short Questionnaire we would like you to fill in if you have the time - this will help us make the site better for you all.

5th July 1998


3rd July 1998

Applying for some Chrome, New Driver Updates

  • ActiveGuide Reviews are now back online
  • Just a note to everyone who keeps e-mailing us about Microsoft Chrome - you can still currently apply to beta test it. You MUST have a Pentium II 300+ PC to test it - if you don't there is no point in applying as you will not be able to run or use it at all. Send e-mail to
  • ActiveGuide will now not have it's redesign complete until September 5th. Reviews will still be updated.

2nd July 1998

Windows 98 Service Pack 1 Coming?

  • Note: We are looking for someone to write a WebTV section for ActiveWindows - if you are interested and would like to know more - please e-mail Byron.
  • Tutorials And More Tip Coming Up
    Some of you may think that the Tips section is not sufficient enough for power-users. We are getting another section up called Tutorials. We are going to teach you a bit with step-by-step tutorials for more complicated things like macros and batch files. If you can write batch files, macros, INF files or Windows scripting and would like to share with other Windows users, send them in to Wayne.
  • We also still have lots of space for more tips. The Tips section will be expanded to at least 2 or 3 times the current size. All tips from you are welcomed. Send them in and we will list your name under your tip.

1st July 1998

  • Creative Labs have released some new Soundblaster Drivers for Windows 98. They are for SB 16/32/AWE32/AWE64. Pick them up here.
  • Just a note that there is no need to send me mail saying that some ActiveGuide links are bad. The ActiveGuide site is getting a major facelift. Reviews should start appearing tomorrow.
  • I apologize for not being able to reply to your e-mails almost straight away, here is the reason. I (Byron) tend to get over 100 e-mails a-day that need replying to, this can take up a lot of time so I sometimes leave it until late at night before I reply unless the e-mails are vitally important. Hope this helps you understand why.

Do you have any Windows based news? - just e-mail us

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