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Tip of the day
When entering a URL into Internet Explorer - just write the name of the site and then press CTRL and Return together to add the www. and .com at the end.

Windows 2000 - Tips Section
Last Updated: September 4th 2003
Tip Difficulty Level: Advanced


How to view and print a fax How to add a program to the Quick Launch bar
Adding A Color Profile To A Printer Adding A Color Profile To A Monitor
Preview An Image Or Picture How To Find System Data
Using Personalized Menus How to turn on StickyKeys
How to turn on FilterKeys How to turn on SoundSentry
How to turn on ShowSounds How to compose a document using multiple languages


How do I check to see how long Windows 2000 has been up? Using wildcard characters
How to suppress personal cover pages How to change the size of the virtual memory paging file
How to set ownership on drives Using The Private Character Editor
How To Set The Magnification Level How to change the mount order in the work queue
How to pause or resume an outgoing queue How to repair a basic RAID-5 volume (stripe set with parity)
How to enable RIP Listening How to convert a volume to NTFS from the command prompt
How to set special access configuration permissions for DCOM programs How to add a program from a network
How to add a submenu to the Start menu for a group of users How to add themes to Windows 2000


Windows 2000: Editing The Registry/Rules To Follow How to Enable Application Compatibility-Mode Technology in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
How to Enable Auto-Complete Feature In The Command Prompt  


Security, Backup & Recovery
Validate a security configuration file How To Back Up Default Recovery Keys To A Floppy Disk
Choosing recovery actions if Windows 2000 stops unexpectedly How to change your password on a NetWare bindery server
How to change the password for a user To require or disable a logon password in a workgroup setting
How to restrict access to author mode in MMC for a domain How to test IPSec policy integrity


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