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Internet Explorer 5 Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Tips & Tricks library. These hints & tips will enrich your computing with Windows 95/98 and Internet Explorer. We have tried our best to collect and compile tips giving you only the best tips including undocumented secrets. Help is build up this section to help other fellow Windows and IE users.

If you know more please contact Byron. We will list your tip with your name under it. Remember to check up in the Microsoft Windows 98 Newsgroups for information and help.

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Type Of Tips Tip # Subject Date Added
Browser and Shell 1 Form AutoComplete 29 October 1998
2 FTP Drag and Drop 12 June 1998
3 Repair Tool 29 October 1998
4 Disabling The Friendly http Error Messages 8 November 1998
5 AutoComplete Stopped Working 14 March 1999
6 Using Auto-Correct 23 March 1999
Favorites 1 Basic Information 29 October 1998
2 Exporting Favorites as a WebPages 29 October 1998
3  Importing Netscape Navigator Bookmarks 12 June 1998
4 Remove The Favorites Folder From The Start Menu 12 June 1998
5 Setting Up Synchronization 14 June 1998
6 Importing and Exporting 8 May 1999
Active Desktop 1 Adding images or WebPages as a Desktop Component fast 11 June 1998
Outlook Express 1 "Source Editing" Add-on for Outlook Express Tips 29 October 1998
2 Hyperlinks Don't Work In Outlook Express 14 March 1999

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