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Windows Registry

Welcome to the Windows Registry Tips library. These registry tweaks and hacks will make Windows perform the way you want it to be. Please note that these tweaks are not for beginners to toy with. If you know more please contact Byron. We will list your tip with your name under it.

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Note: All the tips are labeled properly so that nothing will go wrong.

95    : Windows 95
98    : Windows 98
NTS  : Windows NT Server 4
NTW : Windows NT Workstation 4


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Registry Editing Tips

Introduction To The Registry
Using The Registry Editor
Backup The Registry
Restoring The Registry


Interface Start Menu
Disable Tooltips 95l
Turn Off Windows Zooming Animation Al
Editing Menu Pop/Slide Out Speed All
Aligning Drop-Down Menus to the Right 95 98
Editing Inaccessible Appearance Items All
Remove Run From Start Menu All
Remove Favorites From Start Menu All
Remove Documents From Start Menu All
Remove Log Off User From Start Menu All
Remove Find From Start Menu All
Remove Settings Menu Items All
Restore Start Menu To Alphabetical Order 95 98
More Start Button Fun All
Adding a Cascading Control Panel Menu to the Start Menu 95 98


Explorer Desktop
BMP Thumbnail As Icon All
Default Icon Display All
Instant Refresh All
Save Window Settings All
Make DLLs Show Their Own Icons All
Customizing The Shortcut Arrow All
Using Quick View On Any File All
Remove "Shortcut To" Prefix All
Enable or Disable the CD-ROM Autorun Feature All


Wallpaper Position All
More Flexibility For Desktop Icons All
Lock Icons On Desktop All
Remove Pesky Desktop IconsAll
Open Explorer For My Computer All


Context Menus Mouse
Add "DOS Prompt" Menu Command All
Add "Open With" Menu Command All
Add "Open New Window" Menu Command All
Customize Recycle Bin Fun (funny)  All
Customize My Computer Context Menu All


Change Double-Click Sensitivity All
Enabling Third Mouse Button Functions All
Change Cursor Blink Rate All
Extra Control Over Mouse Speed All
Enable Active Window Tracking All


Enhancements System
Enrich AutoComplete URLs
Add Sounds to Application Events
Using Update Wizard Without Having To Register


Increase Screen Power Schedule All
Editing Time Zone Caption All
Trimming The Add/Remove Program List All
Trimming The Run Menu & URL List All
Trimming The Find List All
Editing System Folders All
Define the Scheduler Priority All


Productivity Boot Up
Exporting Your Color Scheme All
Editing User Name & Organization All
Stop Automatic Registry Merge All
Editing Batch Files All


Create Your Own Welcome Tips 95
Searching For Start-up Programs All
Turn NumLock On Or Off All
Display A Logon Text Banner NTS NTW
Automatically Log-on User NTS NTW


Troubleshooting Internet Connections
Source Path Change All
Locate Help File For Your Programs All
Retrieving Your Microsoft Product's Serial Number All
Remote Access Service Log NTS NTW
Error Logging In Windows 95 98
Suppress Safe Mode Warning Message 95 98
Yellow "!" On PCMCIA Network Adapter
95 98


TCP/IP Keys 95 98
Internet Explorer Outlook Express
Change Default Search Engine All
Resizable Full Screen Toolbar All
Dress Up Explorer Toolbar All
Custom Title All
Lengthen Cache Expiry Period All
How to Restore the Animated Internet Explorer Logo All


Custom Title All
Colorful Background All


Applications Connectivity
Scrolling While Dragging Toolbar (Word 97) All
Change Notepad Font All


Edit Modem Timeout Rate All


File System Drivers & Device Manager
Dangerous Tip: Ditch Numerictail (~) All
Contiguous File Allocation Size 95 98
Disable 8.3 Name Creation (NTFS) NTS NTW
Disable Long Filenames (FAT) NTS NTW


Digital Signature Check for Device Drivers 95 98
Modifying the Device Configuration 95 98
Changing CD-ROM Drive Letters 95 98


Hiding Items, Restrictions & Passwords Modem Related
Restricting Access to Password Properties 98
Restricting Access to Printer Properties 98
Restricting access to system properties with the Local User Properties property sheet 98
Registry Tips: Restricting Access to Network Properties 98
Restrict Unauthorized Entry All
Don't Display Last User Name NTS NTW
Moving Profile From Workgroup To Domain NTS NTW
Disable NT Password Caching NTS NTW
Restrict Access To System Folders NTS NTW
Changing the Owner & Organization 98
Hide the Device Manager Page 98
Hide the Hardware Profiles Page 98
Hide the File Systems Button 98
Hide the Virtual Memory Button 98


Modem Registry Keys 95 98


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