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Tip of the day
When entering a URL into Internet Explorer - just write the name of the site and then press CTRL and Return together to add the www. and .com at the end.

Windows 95/98 - Tips Section
Last Updated: September 5th 2003
Tip Difficulty Level: Varied

Welcome to our Tips & Tricks library. These hints & tips will enrich your computing with Windows 95/98. We have tried our best to collect and compile tips giving you only the best tips including undocumented secrets. Help is build up this section to help other fellow Windows users.

If you know more please contact Byron. We will list your tip with your name under it. Remember to check out our online forums for more information and help.

Desktop Tips
Subscribing To A Channel Managing Subscriptions
Managing The Channel Bar Rearranging Your Channels
Creating Desktop Shortcuts Without Desktop In View Creating Document Shortcuts
Using Scrap Files Using An HTML Document As Desktop Wallpaper
Hiding The My Computer Icon WinKey Shortcuts
Minimize, Maximize & Close All Windows Using HotKeys On The Desktop
Secrets To A More Beautiful Desktop  


Taskbar & STart Menu Tips
Hiding Start Menu Folders Keeping It Clean
Using The URL Address Bar Adding Special Cascading Items
Adding Shortcuts To Your Startmenu Moving About and Copying Shortcuts
Removing Shortcuts In Your Start Menu Advanced Run Features
Working With Toolbars  


Windows Explorer Tips
Advanced Browsing Open Folder With Explorer
Managing Folders Associating & Re-associating Files
Switching Between Browsing & The Internet Creating A Hidden Directory
Utilizing The Send To Menu Browsing With The Address Bar
Advance Explorer Options More Folder Options
Back To File & Program Manager Pump Up Explorer View
Details On Selecting Icons Make Use Of The Links Toolbar
Copying/Extracting From .CAB Files Windows Explorer In Full Screen


Cleaning & Tuning Tips
Clean Up Tools Tips Converting To Fat32
Issues on converting to Fat32 Defragging Tips and Trick
Scandisk Maintenance Wizard
Keeping files up to date Keeping Watch At The Recycle Bin
Clearing The Documents Menu Keeping Desktop & Start Menu Clean
Checking Drives With My Computer Looking At System Information


Speeding Up Windows Tips
Speedier Swap Files Better Drive Performance
Tuning VCache Faster Downloading
Faster Dial-up Networking Speed Up Modem Connections
Enabling DMA Support Enabling Ultra-DMA Support


Start Up & Shut Down Tips
Editing MSDOS.SYS Beware Of Inserting CD-ROM During Startup
Creating Custom Logos Check Your Configuration Files
Shutting Down To DOS Faster Restart
Emergency Recovery Dumping Compressed Drivers
Scare Snoopers With Error Message Shut Down Commands
Clear Recent Documents Automatically Replace Scandisk With Other Utility
Faster Startup After Adding Network Card One Click Shut Down
One Click Restart  


Shortcut Tips
Assigning Hotkeys To Shortcuts Useful Internet Shortcuts
Useful File Opening Shortcuts Create Useful Document Shortcuts
Using Scrap Files  


Setup Tips
Before You Begin Copying The CD In To Your Hard Drive
Setup Switches Hard Drive Issues
Reclaiming Disk Space Faster MS Office Setup
Office Upgrade Without Existing Version Install Windows Without Replacing Another


Dos Tips
Introduction To DOS
Moving Around The DOS Prompt
Dealing With Long Filenames Utilizing The Start Command
DOS Prompt Interface Working With DOS Apps
Substituting Folder As Drive Convenience With DOSKey
More Powerful DIR Switches New XCOPY Switches
The Handy Undelete Tool DOS Diskcopy Command
WIN.COM Switches Hidden COMMAND.COM Switches
Screen Capture Under DOS Running Shortcuts Under DOS
Allocating Memory For Apps  


System Tips
Removing Control Panel Applets Removing Screensavers
Phone Dialer Configuration Set Windows 98 to use year 2000 dates
Using Scheduled Tasks Make Older Applications Compatible
Dr Watson To The Rescue  


Accessibitily Tips
Keyboard Shortcuts For Lefties Configuring Your Mouse For Lefties
More Mouse Option Easier Looking Appearance
Setting Up Your Keyboard Accessibility With Sounds
Using The Accessibility Wizard Using The Magnifier


Multimedia Tips
Better WAV Performance Advance Media Player Properties
Adding More Life To Your Desktop Listening To Your CD-ROM Tracks
3D Screensavers Balancing Speakers
Playing Midi Files On Startup More Multimedia Settings
Capturing Screenshots Using Other Graphic Format As Wallpaper
Music CDs & Autoplay Fiddling With Tracks On Music CDs
Recording Music CDs To WAV files Secret Cool Icons
Creating Your Own Icons Play multiple .DAT files automatically
Setting Up Your Speakers In Windows 98 Enabling DMA Access For A DVD-ROM Drive
How To Improve DVD-ROM Video Performance  


Short But Sweet Tips
Quickly Minimize All Windows Composing E-Mails Without Having Outlook Express Open
Saving Your Favorites Folder Adding Programs To Favorites
Show Me The Desktop Save Your Search Engine
Getting Ready To Shop On The Internet Running Internet Explorer 4.0 Full-Screen
Fast Subscriptions Multiple Subscription Updates
Launch Apps From Your Browser Faster Security
Using "Run" To Open Websites Change IE 4.0 Icons
Eliminate Underlines Restart Windows Fast
Using Paint To Convert Graphic Formats Saving Windows Update Files


Miscellaneous Tips
Short But Sweet Mobile Computing
Hardware Profile Using The Resource Kit Sampler
Windows Help Files Basic Windows 95 Tips Page 1
Basic Windows 95 Tips Page 2  


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